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StoragePoint 6.3 - Evaluation Guide

Evaluation Guide



This document provides new StoragePoint users with the opportunity to evaluate StoragePoint within their own SharePoint environment. It will lead users through a variety of common StoragePoint uses such as uploading and downloading a file, bulk externalization of BLOBs, and Single Instance Storage.


In order to perform the evaluation scenarios for StoragePoint, outlined in this document, you must first install and configure StoragePoint. See the Metalogix StoragePoint Reference Guide for detailed instructions about the installation and configuration of StoragePoint. It is available on the Quest website.

The scenarios in this document require your environment to contain the following:

·A doc library containing documents

·System Cache

·Two  Primary Endpoints

·An Archive Endpoint

·Storage profile that has a Web Application scope

Upload and Download a File

This scenario demonstrates the basic functionality of StoragePoint by uploading a document into SharePoint, confirming the location of the document, and confirming that it can be opened from SharePoint. Use a Microsoft Office document in this scenario as Office documents demonstrate that integration with Microsoft Office continues to function properly.

1.Navigate to a document library within the SharePoint site on which you have configured StoragePoint to externalize BLOBs. If your site does not have a document library, create one now.

2.Upload a document to the Document Library.


1.Confirm that the document has been offloaded by accessing the Document Context menu and selecting StoragePoint Details. You will need to be logged in as the farm administrator to be able to access the StoragePoint Details Panel.

2.The StoragePoint Item Details window should indicate that the BLOB has been externalized.

3.Open/download the file from the SharePoint Document Library to confirm that the file is accessible.

4.The file should be accessible and open without error.


In this scenario you:

üSuccessfully uploaded a document to a SharePoint document library, found on a site where StoragePoint has been installed and configured.

üChecked to make sure that the BLOB for the uploaded file was successfully externalized, and the file opened without error after externalization.

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