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SQL Optimizer for SQL Server 10.1.2 - User Guide

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SQL Optimization Workflow

SQL Optimizer for SQL Server® uses the following SQL optimization workflow to help you ensure that your SQL statements perform optimally in your database environment.

Procedure Description
Identify Problematic SQL Statements

The SQL Scanner locates and extracts problematic SQL statements directly from your source code without execution. SQL Scanner analyzes the operations of the execution plan and identifies potential performance bottlenecks. See About Scanning SQL for more information.

Note: You need to use Microsoft® SQL Server Profiler to capture dynamic SQL statements. Save the captured dynamic SQL statements into a trace file or trace table and use SQL Scanner to extract the statements.

Optimize SQL Statements

The SQL Optimizer uses artificial intelligence to generate alternatives with unique execution plans for problematic SQL statements. SQL Optimizer generates the alternatives by analyzing SQL statement syntax and database structure. You can also use hints during the optimization process. See Optimize SQL Statements for more information.

Test Run SQL Alternatives

The Test Run function tests the performance of each alternative SQL Optimizer generates. This provides execution times for each alternative to determine the best statement for your database environment. See Test Run SQL Alternatives for more information.

Compare SQL Alternatives

The Compare feature displays details for two SQL statements side-by-side. You can compare an alternative to the original SQL statement or compare two alternatives. See Compare SQL Statements for more information.

Generate Reports

The Report feature creates a SQL resolution report after you complete the optimization process. See "Generate Optimize SQL Resolution Report" in the online help for more information.


Support Bundle

The Support Bundle provides any easy way for you to contact Quest technical support to report a problem or ask a question. It includes information about each module of the application and your local computer; and can be used to help troubleshoot problems.  

To create a support bundle

  1. Select Help | Support Bundle.
  2. Click Online Support to open the Quest Support Portal at
  3. Click Save and Close to save the support bundle as a zip file. Upload the support bundle zip file when you contact Quest technical support.


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Join the SQL Optimizer Community

The SQL Optimizer for SQL Server Community is available for you to find the latest information about SQL Optimizer. By joining the community, you can participate in the beta program, communicate with the development team and other users in the discussion forums, and read blog entries.

You can find the SQL Optimizer Community at:


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SQL Optimization Workflow


To enter your SQL Optimizer license key

  1. Select Help | Licensing.

  2. Enter your license key in the Licensing dialog. Review the following for additional information:

    License Key Enter the license (authorization) key for SQL Optimizer.
    Site message Enter the site message included with the license key.


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