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SQL Optimizer for SQL Server 10.1.2 - User Guide

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Review Alternatives

Use the Alternatives pane to review the SQL text and execution plan for the alternatives SQL Optimizer generates.

You can also review the run-time statistics for your original SQL statement and the alternatives after you test run the statements.

To review details for an alternative

  1. Select the Optimize SQL tab in the main window.
  2. Select an alternative in the Alternatives pane.

  3. Review details for the alternative in the Alternative Details and Execution Plan panes.

Note: You must test run the SQL alternatives before you can review the run-time statistics. See Test Run SQL Alternatives for more information.


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Alternative SQL Text

Alternative SQL Text

The text editor is used to display the SQL text of the selected alternative. When there’s only original alternative or the selected alternative is user defined, the SQL text can be edited. Otherwise, it’s read-only.


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View SQL Information (SQL Rewrite)

This topic may not include a description for every field in the screen or dialog.

To view SQL information

  1. Select the Optimize SQL tab in the main window.
  2. Select a SQL Rewrite session.

  3. Select the SQL Information tab in the Optimize SQL window. Click the following to view the information that displays for each pane.


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View Execution Statistics (SQL Rewrite)

You can view execution statistics in the Alternatives pane or in the Execution Statistics tab.

To view execution statistics in the Alternatives pane

  • To sort alternatives by an execution statistic, click a column header in the Alternatives grid.
  • To change the Optimization Goal, click the Execution Elapsed Time column header and select another goal from the drop-down list.

To view Execution Statistics tab

  1. Select the Optimize SQL tab in the main window.
  2. Select Rewrite SQL from the Optimize SQL start pages.
  3. Select the Execution Statistics tab in the SQL Rewrite window.

  4. Review the following for additional information:

    Statistics Name Description
    Execution Time Shows CPU time and elapsed time required to execute the SQL statement after SQL Optimizer complies it.
    Compile Time Shows CPU time and elapsed time required to compile the SQL statement.
    IO Statistics

    Shows run time scan count, logical reads, physical reads, and read-ahead reads information recorded during execution of the SQL statement.

    Also displays information for each table used during execution.

    Note: This information is only available after you execute the SQL statement.


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