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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9 - User Guide

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Change Text to Uppercase and Lowercase

Editor Functions > Change Text to Uppercase and Lowercase

Text can be changed from uppercase and lowercase by selecting the text and using the Uppercase and Lowercase functions.

To change text to uppercase

Select the text and click Uppercaseimage\B_Uppercase.gif.

To change text to lowercase

Select the text and click Lowercaseimage\B_Lowercase.gif.


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Bracket Pairing

Editor Functions > Bracket Pairing

Simple mistakes are often made during SQL construction because of uneven left and right brackets. With bracket pairing, the corresponding open bracket is matched with the closing bracket as you type the closing bracket.

To enable bracket pairing

  1. Click Preferencesimage\B_Preferences.gif

  2. Select the Editor tab.

  3. Under the General section, select Bracket Pairing.

Bracket pairing matches brackets for the parentheses ( ), the curly brackets { }, and the square brackets [ ].


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Customize Editable Panes

Editor Functions > Customize Editable Panes

You can customize the behavior of editable panes in many ways. The editor options can be set in the Preferences window under the Editor tab. These options include:


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Editor Functions

Editor Functions > Editor Functions

Below is a list of available functions within the editable panes.

Button or Menu



Syntax Highlight


Auto Correction


Bracket Pairing


Argument Lookup


Member Lookup

Edit Menu



Edit Menu



Edit Menu



Edit Menu



Edit Menu



Edit Menu




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