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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9 - User Guide

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SQL Repository Functions

SQL Repository > SQL Repository Functions

Below is a list of available functions within the SQL Repository window.

Button or Menu Function

SQL & Right-click Menu



SQL Menu

Add SQL from SQL Scanner

SQL & Right-click Menu

Add SQL by Database Object

SQL & Right-click Menu


Refresh Plan

SQL & Right-click Menu

Add Folder

Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu


SQL & Right-click Menu

Save Abstract Plan

Right-click Menu

Create Benchmark Factory Import File


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Index Impact Analyzer

Index Impact Analyzer Overview

Index Impact Analyzer > Index Impact Analyzer Overview

The Index Impact Analyzer analyzes the performance impact of new indexes on SQL statements before the indexes are permanently created on your database. New indexes may improve the performance of one SQL but downgrade the performance of several others. Index Impact Analyzer evaluates the performance effect that given indexes might have on SQL statements, thereby removing the uncertainty associated with index creation.

The Index Impact Analyzer analyzes the performance impact of index creation on SQL statements retrieved from the SQL Repository or the SQL Scanner. To analyze the impact the creation of new indexes might have on SQL performance, the proposed indexes are created on the database. Then new query plans are retrieved showing the impact the new indexes have on the query plans of individual SQL statements. The new indexes are dropped after the retrieval of the query plans.

After the analysis is complete, the Index Impact Analyzer provides metrics of the overall performance changes and allows you to identify which SQL statements experienced query plan changes with the proposed indexes.


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Index Impact Analyzer Window

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