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SQL Optimizer for DB2 ZOS 5.6.1 - User Guide

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Product Licensing

To register the trial or production version

  1. Select Help | Licensing.
  2. Enter your Authorization key.
  3. Enter your site message if you have a Production key.
  4. Click Apply.

Additional Resources

Toad World

Visit other Toad Communities. Find DBMS and SQL knowledge, find software downloads, and find answers to your database questions. Click here to go to Toad World or follow the instructions below.

To go to Toad World

Click Help and select Go to Toad World.


SQL Optimizer allows you to conduct searches in Toad World, Help, and Google.

To conduct a search

  1. Enter your search item in the Search field at the top right..
  2. Select an option from the list.

SQL Operations

Quest SQL Optimizer for IBM DB2 z/OS ensures optimal SQL performance by generating alternatives and testing SQL for maximum application performance.

Optimize SQL

SQL Optimizer analyzes your SQL statements and generates alternatives for improving performance. It can test these alternatives to identify the best SQL statement for your database environment. Optimizing SQL consists of the following functions:

Functions Description

Optimize SQL Statement

SQL Optimizer uses an Artificial Intelligence engine to execute SQL syntax rules that produce semantically equivalent SQL statement alternatives.

Test Run SQL Alternatives

SQL Optimizer executes statement alternatives to view their execution statistics. This provides execution times for identifying the best SQL statement for your database environment. Test Run SQL Alternatives



Scan a buffer table.

A buffer table construct contains two nodes: a BTBSCAN node and a buffer table node. The buffer table scan is the only way to access a buffer table.


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