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SQL Optimizer for DB2 ZOS 5.6.1 - User Guide

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Connect to the Database

Note: This topic focuses on information that may be unfamiliar to you. It does not include all step and field descriptions.

To create a connection

  1. Click .
  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Connection Manager Description

    Database alias

    Select name of the database to which you want to connect.


    Enter the user name required to connect to the database.


    Enter the password associated with the user name. Click Save password to remember the password.
    Connection Details Description

    Catalog node

    Displays the local catalog node name.
    Database name Displays the local database name or DCS Alias.
    Subsystem Displays the name of the subsystem.
    System Displays system IP address and port number.
    Comment Displays comments.
    Installed Database Clients Description

    Connect using

    Select the appropriate database client or click to browse.
  3. Click Connect or Close.

To display connection information about a z/OS database in Toad.

  1. Connect to a z/OS DB2 database.
  2. Open Editor, type: "-DIS DDF" and execute.

Note: Consult the IBM DB2 documentation for more information on z/OS DB2 databases.

Note: If you use a non-administrator windows account to run SQL Optimizer for IBM DB2 z/OS, the login account must belong to the "DB2ADMIN" or "DB2USER" user group. You may also need to add "DB2ADMIN" or "DB2USER" if the user login belongs to the Administrator user group.


SQL Optimization Workflow

The SQL optimization workflow ensures that your SQL statements perform optimally in your database environment.

Procedure Description
Optimize SQL Statements

The SQL Optimizer uses artificial intelligence to generate alternatives with unique execution plans for problematic SQL statements. SQL Optimizer generates the alternatives by analyzing SQL statement syntax and database structure. Optimize SQL Statements

Test Run SQL

The Test Run SQL function tests the performance of each alternative SQL Optimizer generates. This provides execution times for each alternative to determine the best statement for your database environment. Test Run SQL Alternatives

Compare SQL Alternatives

The Compare feature displays details for two SQL statements side-by-side. You can compare an alternative to the original SQL statement or compare two alternatives.

Generate Reports

The Report feature creates a SQL resolution report after you complete the optimization process.


Create Support Bundles

The Support Bundle provides any easy way for you to contact Quest technical support to report a problem or ask a question. It includes information about each module of the application and your local computer; and can be used to help troubleshoot problems.  

To create a support bundle

  1. Select Help | Support Bundle.

  2. Complete the Contact and Problem Details sections.


Join the SQL Optimizer Community

The SQL Optimizer for DB2 z/OS Community is available for you to find the latest information about SQL Optimizer. By joining the community, you can participate in the beta program, communicate with the development team and other users in the discussion forums, and read blog entries. Click Toad for DB2 community to join the community or follow the instructions below to access the community from SQL Optimizer.

To access the community

Select the Community tab in the main window.

Note: You need a connection to the Internet to access most community content.


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