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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Visual Object Editors

SQL Navigator’s editing tools for database objects:

  • Are visual. They give you a graphical representation of a database object definition. This makes it easy to see relationships and properties.
  • Allow you to view database object definitions and create or alter database objects via a point-and-click interface, eliminating the need to remember SQL syntax and write SQL statements manually.
  • Generate the DDL or other database code automatically when you create or alter a database object. You can also and edit the code directly, if needed.

When opened, a visual object editor connects to the active database session (Session Menu | Select).

Object Object Type SQL Navigator Visual Object Editor



Index Editor

Database Links Database Link Editor
Materialized (Snapshot) Views Materialized View Editor
Sequences Sequence Editor


Object Type Editor
Tables Table Editor
Constraints Constraint Editor
Nested tables Nested Table Editor
Clusters Cluster Editor
Varying arrays Varray Editor
Triggers Now in the Code Editor.
Views View Editor



User Editor

Roles Role Editor
Profiles Profile Editor
Instance properties Instance Property Editor
Redo Log Groups Redo Log Group Editor


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