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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Zombies Page

A process is classified by the kernel as a zombie if its termination has not been acknowledged by its parent process.

A high number of zombie processes indicates that one or more processes are not handling their child processes properly. You may need to kill the parent process to eliminate its zombie child process.

To open the Zombies page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Unix connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Processes | Zombies.

For each process, you can view the information that follows:

Column Description
PID The process identifier for the specified process.
PPID The process identifier for the process that is the parent of the specified process.
UID The user identifier for the user to whom the process belongs.
State Z for Zombie. That is, the process has been terminated and the parent process is no longer waiting.
Priority The basic priority assigned to the process – the lower the number, the higher the priority.
Nice The Nice value describes the relative priority of the specified process. A process with a low Nice value is running at a higher priority than a process with a high Nice value.
CPU Utilization A value representing the amount of CPU time used by the process. The metric used here may differ across Unix implementations.
Terminal The Unix terminal session where a user started the specified process. If the process was not started by an interactive user, the Terminal value is set to "?".
Command The command executed by the process.


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