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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Permissions Page

The Permissions page lists the trustees assigned to the shared resource currently chosen in the Shares page of the Network drilldown, together with the rights granted or denied to the trustees.

Note: Microsoft defines a trustee as:

"The user account or group account to which an access control entry (ACE) applies. Each ACE in an access control list (ACL) has one security identifier (SID) that identifies a trustee. User accounts include accounts that users or programs such as Windows services use to log on to the local computer. Group accounts cannot be used to log on to a computer, but are useful in ACEs to allow or deny a set of access rights to one or more user accounts."

To open the Permissions page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Windows connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Network | Shares Page.

  3. Double click on the resource in the grid.
  4. Click Permissions.

For each shared resource, information on its assigned permissions is displayed in the columns of a single table (grid).

Note: Not all of these columns will be visible by default. To view hidden columns, right-click a column heading and choose Organize Columns... from the shortcut menu. Show, Hide & Order Columns

Column Description


The name of the trustee identified by the User SID.

User Type

The trustee can be one of the following types of user:

  • UNKNOWN — The trustee type is unknown, but not necessarily invalid.
  • USER — A Windows user account.
  • GROUP — A Windows group account.
  • DOMAIN — A domain.
  • ALIAS — A unique SID with a specified User alias.

    Example, BUILTIN\Administrators can have different local names on different resources:

    • serverA\Administrators on server A
    • serverB\Administrators on server B
  • KNOWN GROUP — A well known group (for example, the Authenticated Users or Everyone groups, which are available on all Windows systems).


The access types (READ ONLY, CHANGE, FULL CONTROL) that have been granted to the current trustee.


The access types that have been specifically DENIED to the current trustee. Deny rights take precedence over Grant rights.

Full Name

The full name of the trustee. Hide this column if you do not need this information, as Spotlight obtains it by querying the domain controller for the remote machine; this may cause a significant delay when refreshing data. Show, Hide & Order Columns


The name of the shared resource.

User SID

The security identifier for the current trustee of the shared resource. Every account on a network is issued a unique SID when the account is first created.


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