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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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OEM Monitoring

OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) is a Web-based database administration and monitoring tool that manages Oracle components and administers Oracle databases. When installed and active, OEM communicates with the databases it administers via a set of EM agent processes under the automated DBSNMP user account.

Spotlight on Oracle uses the information supplied in OEM Monitoring to locate the OEM logs and appropriately populate the OEM Status page.

To open the OEM Monitoring configuration dialog

  1. Open a Spotlight on Oracle connection.
  2. Click View | Options
  3. Click Data Collection | OEM Monitoring
Option Description
Monitor Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

Select to use OEM Monitoring.

Deselect when OEM Monitoring is not licensed or not installed for the server.

Select the OEM Control on the server for this connection
Option Description
Database Control

Database Control can be configured at database creation using the Database Configuration system.

Note: Not supported in Oracle 12c.

Grid Control / Cloud Control

Grid control is a centralized management solution where a separate server hosts enterprise manager, then an agent is installed on each database machine.

Note: Grid Control is called Cloud Control in Oracle 12c.

Note: For more information on Database Control, Grid Control and Cloud Control, please refer to your Oracle documentation.

Oracle Home path (server location)

Agent oracle home (server location)

For Database Control, this is the home of the server.

For Grid Control (Cloud Control), this is the Oracle home of the agent you have installed.

Oracle Host Name

This is the host name of the server unless Database Control was configured with a different value for OracleHostName.

Note: Applicable for Database Control only.

Oracle Unique Name

This is the unique name of the database.

Note: Applicable for Database Control only.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If there is a problem viewing the OEM Logs Page and you can see the OEM Status Page correctly then on the OEM Status page identify the value of Agent Home. Agent Home will be of the form OracleHomePath/OracleHostName_OracleUniqueName. Ensure the values for Oracle Home Path, Oracle Host Name and Oracle Unique Name in this dialog match those identified by Agent Home. Modify where appropriate.
  • On a Unix Operating System the values are case sensitive.
  • OEM Monitoring requires that the operating system on the database server be monitored by Spotlight. See Monitor OS on Connect to an Oracle Database.


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