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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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OEM Logs Page

OEM is a Web-based database administration and monitoring tool that manages Oracle components and administers Oracle databases. When installed and active, OEM communicates with the databases it administers via a set of EM agent processes under the automated DBSNMP user account.

Use the OEM Logs Page to browse, open and save OEM log and configuration files.

To open the OEM Logs page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Configuration & Memory | OEM Logs.

OEM Files Grid


Column Description

The two locations are: Logs for log files and Config for configuration files.


  • For Database Control the full path is OracleHome/OracleHostName_OracleUniqueName/sysman/
  • By default the grid is formatted in Tree View (by Location). You can toggle Toggle Tree View (the hierarchical structure of the OEM Files grid) on and off. Tree View

File Name

The name of the OEM log file (or configuration file).

Note: Click on a file to view, save and search its contents in the OEM Logs Viewer.

Modified When the file was last modified.
File size The size of the file.

OEM Logs Viewer

Use the OEM Logs Viewer to view the contents of an OEM Log or Configuration file. To open the viewer, click on a file in the OEM Files grid.

Action Description

Go to the top of the file

Page up

Page down
Go to the end of the file

Find a specified string of text.

Open the Find dialog

The options in the Find dialog are:

Option Description
Text to find Enter or paste in the text you want to find.
Match case When selected, match the case of the text exactly. For example a search for text AbC will NOT find the text abc.
Up Search only upwards through the file from the current location.
Down Search only downwards through the file from the current location.
From Cursor Search for the specified text from the current location of the cursor.
Entire File Search the entire file for the specified text.
Find Next Find the next occurrence of the text.
Search Period Enter how far you want to search within the file for the text you want to find. (The direction of the search is specified by your other choices.)

Save the file. Save File As Dialog

Note: Use this command to save the file on the Spotlight client. This command cannot be used to save (update) the file on the database server.

Close the file.


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