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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Filesystems And Disk Information

The Filesystems drilldown displays information on the disk usage for each filesystem on the Unix system, and the proportion of disk space that has been used for each filesystem.

Note: Refer to man df(1) for further details on the values shown in the Filesystems page.

To open the Filesystems and Disk Information drilldown

  1. Select the Spotlight on Unix connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Filesystems.

To view disk usage in a chart

Right-click the Filesystems page and select View as Chart.

The information is displayed on a set of bar graphs that represent used and free disk space. Use the drop-down By Megabyte / By Percentage control to specify how to view disk usage.

To view disk usage in a table

Right-click the Filesystems page and select View as Grid.

Column Description
Filesystem The Unix device that holds a filesystem.
Used Space The amount of used space on the filesystem.
Free Space The amount of free space on the filesystem.
Mounted On The mount point for the filesystem.

To view disk usage for NFS mounted disks

NFS (Network File System) was developed by Sun Microsystems to allow a Unix host to use disk space on a remote machine as if it were local storage. Spotlight provides a shortcut option to allow you to show or hide disk usage for NFS mounted disks.

Right-click the Filesystems page and select Show NFS mounted Filesystems.


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