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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Data Guard Configuration Alarm

The Data Guard Configuration Alarm occurs on a Primary database in an Oracle Data Guard environment. Please supply details of Standby connections to Spotlight so Spotlight can monitor the Oracle Data Guard environment. In monitoring the Oracle Data Guard environment Spotlight can alert you if key elements of the Oracle Data Guard environment are not working, or if Standby instances are lagging behind.

  1. Open the Standby connections dialog.
    • Click Dataguard Connection Details or
    • Close this help window. Click the Data Guard toolbar icon or press CTRL+W.

  2. Provide connection details for your Standby connections. Test the connections and click Connect.

    If you do not want Spotlight to monitor your Standby connections then to clear this informational alarm deselect Monitor for each Standby connection and click Save.


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