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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Active Sorts Page

Active sorts are the SQL statements whose sorting operations are in progress and incomplete. Use the Active Sorts grid to view the details of these active sorts (if any).

To open the Active Sorts page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.

  2. Click SQL & Application Workload | Sort Activity Page | Active Sorts.

Active Sorts Grid

When you identify a problem session you may decide to kill it:

  1. Double click on the session to openthe Top Sessions Page.
  2. On the Top Sessions page, right-click the problem session and select Kill/Disconnect Session. Top Sessions Page
Column Description


Session ID of the connected session that is responsible for the active sort.

Active Time (s)

The time that the work area has been in use.

Work Area Size

The maximum size of the work area so far (in megabytes).

Expected Size

The expected maximum size of the work area by the time the active sort is completed.

Actual Memory Used

The amount of PGA memory allocated to the work area.

Temp Segment Size

The size (in megabytes) of the temporary segment on disk that has been used so far by the active sort.

Max Memory Used

The maximum amount of PGA memory used so far in the work area (in megabytes).

Operation Type

The type of sorting operation that is using the specified work area.

Elapsed (s)

The total time taken so far on the long operation.

Time Remaining (s)

The estimated time remaining before the long operation is completed.

Completed Ratio

An estimate of how close the long operation is to completion as a percentage of the total time taken to perform the sort.

Current Operation

The name of the long operation in progress.

Oracle User

The user running the active sort.


The program responsible for the active sort.


The active module within the program.

Number of Passes

The number of I/O passes performed so far by the active sort.


The tablespace name for the temporary segment on disk that is being used by the sorting operation.

SQL Text The text of the SQL statement responsible for the active sort.


The machine where the SQL statement that triggered the sort originated.

OS User

The O/S user that initiated the SQL statement that triggered the sort.

Policy The sizing policy for the work area (AUTO or MANUAL).


The SQL identifier of the SQL statement responsible for the active sort.

Work Area Address

The address of the work area used by the active sort.

Note: The metrics in the Active Sorts table are derived from data collected from V$SQL_WORKAREA_ACTIVE, V$SESSION, V$SQLAREA, and V$SESSION_LONGOPS.


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