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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Verify Storage Node Connection Details Dialog

This dialog is opened the first time you connect to an Exadata system and in future if there are problems connecting to the Exadata Storage Server (cells). For background help see also Connect to an Exadata Storage Server (Cells).

Note: Spotlight monitoring of Oracle RAC systems requires additional licensing.

Connection to Exadata Storage Cells

Each row in the grid represents an Exadata Storage Server (Cell).

Column Description

The current status of the cell.

Value Description
Untested The connection details have been neither tested nor used successfully since they were last modified or created. Click Test to investigate.
OK The connection details have been tested successfully.

The connection details are missing or faulty.

  • Refer to Test Results for the related error message.
  • If Last Successful shows the most recent date that Spotlight successfully connected to the cell then there may be a problem with the cell.
  • If Last Successful is empty then the connection details may be invalid.
No status The connection has not been tested or you have reset the connection details. Click Test to investigate.
Source Port

The port on the client machine that is open to receive data from the Exadata Storage Server.

Cell IP The IP address of the Exadata Storage Server.

The name of the host machine (node) for the Exadata Storage Server.

Note: This field is editable.

Cell Port

The logical port that is used to access the Exadata Storage Server.

Note: This field is editable.


The name used to log on to the Exadata Storage Server host.

Note: This field is editable. The default username is celladmin.


SSH connection via Port Forwarding

Action Description

The password used to log on to the host.

SSH using Public/Private Keys connection via Port Forwarding

Action Description

The filename that contains the private key to login to the Exadata Storage Server host.

Passphrase The passphrase used to decrypt the private key.
Key Type

The type of key: RSA or DSA.

Note: These fields are editable.

Test Results The error message returned when you click Test and the test fails.
Last successful

The most recent time a successful connection was made to the Exadata Storage Server. Look at this value in conjunction with Status.

Dialog Actions

Action Description
Test Click to test all the Exadata Storage Server connections. Use to ensure Exadata Storage Server connections will succeed, and that you have not entered duplicate (but otherwise correct) information.

Use if a Exadata Storage Server (Cell) is no longer part of this Exadata System.

Select the cell and click Remove.


Click to

  • Delete the history of recent connections and connection tests
  • Revert to the original connection settings


Click to monitor the Oracle Exadata System, even if one or more Cells do not have a status of OK.
Cancel Do not monitor the Oracle Exadata System.
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