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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Spotlight® on Oracle 10.4

Release Notes

June 2017

These release notes provide information about the Spotlight® on Oracle release.


About this release

Spotlight is a powerful diagnostic and resolution tool for Oracle databases. Its unique user interface provides you with an intuitive, visual representation of the activity on your database. Graphical flows illustrate the rate at which data is moving between database components. Icons display the value of key statistics and metrics.

Spotlight on Oracle

Spotlight on Oracle is used to diagnose the performance of Oracle instances running on individual host machines. It also includes the following products:

  • Predictive Diagnostics. Use this to predict the future performance for individual SQL statements, bottlenecks, and database resources on the Oracle database.
  • Spotlight on Unix and Spotlight on Windows. Launch the appropriate O/S Spotlight automatically when Spotlight connects to an Oracle database.
  • Spotlight on MySQL. Diagnose the performance of MySQL instances.
  • When delivered as part of the Toad® DBA Suite for Oracle, Spotlight incorporates SQL Optimizer for Oracle. SQL Optimizer offers a fully automated approach to maximizing SQL performance. It eliminates the manual, time-intensive process of ensuring that SQL code is performing as fast as possible.

Spotlight on Oracle RAC

Spotlight on Oracle RAC requires additional licensing. It enables the diagnosis of Oracle databases on multiple host machines under the Real Application Clusters (RAC) architecture and additionally may include monitoring of Exadata systems depending on the license purchased.

  • Spotlight on Oracle10.4 is a minor release,


New Features

Spotlight on Oracle 10.4

Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 is a maintenance release with no new functionality.

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.3

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.3 is a maintenance release with no new functionality.

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.2

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.2 is a maintenance release with no new functionality.

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.1

Windows 10: Windows 10 is a supported platform for the installation of Spotlight on Oracle and the Spotlight Diagnostic Server, and for monitoring.

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3

In-Memory Diagnostics: Spotlight now provides diagnostic information for In-Memory databases in Oracle and Oracle RAC. What is the cost to the database of enabling In-Memory? Has the right amount of memory been allocated to the In-Memory column store? To what extent is I/O being consumed by In-Memory activities? Drilldown further by segments, SQL, statistics and sessions.


Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.

Area Resolved Issue Defect ID
Installation Dependency on .Net 3.5 is now removed. Spotlight on Oracle is now dependent on .Net 4.0 or above. SOO-2421
Monitoring Spotlight on Oracle supports monitoring of Oracle 12.2. SOO-2605
Alarms Corrected a problem where the Array Fetch Alarms were raised when the Spotlight User was the only connected user to the database. SOO-2592

On adding an alarm action to send an email when the alarm is raised, the content of the email has been cleaned of special characters making it much easier to read.

Creating a connection

Corrected a problem where click "View information about objects installed and privileges required by Spotlight " when creating an Oracle RAC connection with a new user resulted in an unexpected error.

General Corrected problem causing unexpected error with message: Assertion failure (E:\Jenkins\jobs\SoO Nightly Build - from GIT\workspace\Spotlight\Source\MDK\components\SpotlightGraphics.pas, line 348) SOO-2610

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in 10.3.3.

Area Resolved Issue Defect ID
Browse History Corrected the source of an unexpected error (Interface not supported) when using the History Browser. 2557
Spotlight user creation script References to the QUEST_LUCY_COLLECTOR package have been removed from the Spotlight user creation script for Oracle 11gR2 and above. 2569

Removed code involving the SYS obects (SYS.EXECUTE_IMMEDIATE and SYS.BUILD_XVIEW) from the Spotlight user creation script for Oracle 11gR2 and above.


The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in 10.3.2.

Area Resolved Issue Defect ID
Spotlight Essentials Corrected a problem on sign in to Spotlight Essentials from the Spotlight on Oracle client through a proxy server. 2272
Tablespace Utilization drilldown Corrected the source of an unexpected error ("Range check error") on the Disk Storage | Tablespace utilization drilldown. 2481
General Corrected the source of unexpected errors ("Integer overflow" Source 02041D9D) when using Spotlight functionality using a periodic timer like the slideshow. 2488
Monitoring Unix Connections

Corrected a problem where the memory value display was incorrect on the Spotlight on Unix home page for some Unix connections. This issue was related to Linux bug

Top Sessions

Corrected Overflow error in Top session drilldown.

Predictive Diagnostics Corrected a problem where Predictive Diagnostics charts displayed no data. 2517
Spotlight charts Corrected a problem with the zoom functionality in Spotlight charts. 2524

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in 10.3.1.

Area Resolved Issue Defect ID
Monitoring UNIX connections Fixed a problem where no data was displayed for Disk Reads and Disk Writes when monitoring a Unix connection, AIX 7.1 server. 2433
Monitoring Oracle connections Fixed a problem on the Tuning | Memory Management drilldown page where Total Oracle Memory failed to accept a 6 digit number. 2434
Fixed a problem on the Configuration & Memory | Buffer Cache drilldown page where no data was displayed in the buffer cache details grid when a non-default pool was selected. 2437
General Resolved "Integer Overview" issue. 2430

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in 10.3.

Area Resolved Issue Defect ID
Slideshow You can now configure the Slideshow to remain active through mouse or keyboard activity. 2300
Licensing Spotlight on Oracle can now accept licensing per monitored instance. 2323
Spotlight Web Publisher The Spotlight Web Publisher is now merged into the Spotlight Diagnostic Server. In previous releases of Spotlight on Oracle the Spotlight Diagnostic Server and Web Publisher were both required to use Spotlight Mobile. Now only the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is required. On upgrade to Spotlight on Oracle 10.3 the Spotlight Web Publisher will be removed automatically. 2355
Unexpected Area Fixed a problem where an Unexpected Error | Integer Overflow occurred on resizing a drilldown window. 2296
Monitoring Oracle connections On the Alert Log drilldown fixed error ORA 01426: numeric overflow. The Log viewer can open files up to 2Gb in size. 2309
Top Sessions Fixed the source of the following error on the Top Sessions drilldown: "Duplicates not allowed in table TopSessionsWithoutEvent". 2354
Monitoring Oracle Data Guard Fixed issues connecting to a Data Guard Standby database in environments with fast connections. 2326
Monitoring Exadata Fixed a problem where Spotlight is incorrectly derived the cell port number from the subnet mask. 2290
Monitoring Unix Fixed a problem where Spotlight could not connect to Red Hat 7. 2291

Deprecated Features

Oracle 9i is no longer supported.

Windows Server 2003 is no longer a supported operating system.

Spotlight on Oracle is no longer localized into Chinese.

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