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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Transactions Page

The Transactions page contains the Transactions grid, which shows current transactions, and their associations with user sessions and rollback segments.

To open the Transactions page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle RAC connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Activity | Transactions.

Grid on the Transactions Page

Tip: To display session details, right-click a transaction and select Session Details. Session Details Page

Column Description


The session identifier.

Instance Name  

Serial #

The Session serial number.

Oracle user

The Oracle Username.


The command currently running (last statement parsed).

Session status

The status of the session.

OS user

The operating system username.

Transaction status

The status of the transaction.

Start time

The time at which the transaction started.

Rollback segment

The rollback segment used by the transaction.

Consistent changes

The number of consistent changes.

Consistent gets

The number of consistent gets.

Logical I/O

The amount of logical I/O performed.

Physical I/O

The amount of physical I/O performed.

Used blocks

The number of UNDO blocks used by this transaction.

Used records

The number of UNDO records used by this transaction.

Note: Not all columns are visible by default. Use the Column Organizer to view hidden columns. Show, Hide & Order Columns


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