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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Thresholds Dialog

Define the acceptable range of values for a Spotlight metric. Metrics that exceed the Normal threshold raise an alarm.

To open the Thresholds Dialog

View all metrics for the connection View all metrics for the Spotlight home page component

Open the Spotlight home page for the connection.

Select View |Show All Alarms… | Thresholds

Right click the component on the Spotlight home page and select Metrics… | Thresholds

About the Thresholds Dialog

Option Description
List of metrics

All metrics associated with the component / connection are listed.

Data is collected for selected metrics. Clear the selection to stop collecting data for the metric.

Highlight the metric to display its details in the Thresholds page.

You can sort the list.

  • Click the header to sort the metrics in ascending or descending name order.
  • Click the severity icon in the header to sort the metrics according to severity .
Name This is the name of the metric highlighted in the list of metrics.

Severity table

Define severities for the highlighted metric.

  • Select the severities you wish to define.

    Define Start values for each selected severity either in the Severity Table or on the Threshold Bar. In the Severity Table: Click in the Start cell. Enter the lower value for the threshold.

    Note: Ensure the start values for each range are consistent. A failure to do so may cause problems when alarms are raised.

  • Deselect the severities you do not wish to define.

Threshold bar

Severity Start and End values can be defined in the Severity table or the Threshold bar. On the Threshold bar:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the threshold between two severities until it appears as a split-bar pointer.
  2. Drag the mouse to move the threshold to a new position. Release.
  3. Changes are updated automatically in the Severity table.


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