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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

SQL Statement Trend Analysis Wizard

The SQL Statement Trend Analysis Wizard opens from the SQL Performance page.

Use the SQL Statement Trend Analysis wizard to specify criteria for calculating the future performance of specified SQL statements on the Oracle instance.

Steps to complete the wizard


SQL Statement Data

Choose whether to analyze:

  • Data for the current connection, OR
  • Sample data installed with Spotlight.

SQL Statement Cost Metric

To predict the performance of individual SQL statements:

  • Choose a metric that represents the Cost Metric of each specified SQL statement, and
  • Choose the unit to measure (cost per second or cost per execution).

Additional SQL Filtering Criteria

Choose other criteria for including data in (or excluding it from) analysis. Criteria include:

  • Content of the SQL statement.
  • Start date for the analysis.
  • End date for the prediction.

Database User Filtering

Choose which database users to include in (or exclude from) the analysis.


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