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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Spotlight on your favorite mobile device

You can monitor Oracle and Oracle RAC connections on your favorite mobile device using Spotlight Essentials.

Mobile Monitoring is able to raise the following alarms. These alarms are not configurable.

  • Buffer Busy Waits
  • CPU Usage
  • Free Buffer Waits
  • Latch Waits
  • Lock Waits
  • Log Buffer Space Waits
  • Parse Wait Time
  • Average Redo Log Write Time
  • Datafile Random Read Avg Time
  • Temporary IO Wait Time
  • Unarchived Log
  • Cannot create new connection
  • Not currently connected to database


  • To configure Spotlight on your mobile device, click View | Options | Spotlight for Mobile devices and web based analytics.
  • Mobile Monitoring is dependent on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server service. See the online help for more information.
  • Switch on/off monitoring of individual Oracle and Oracle RAC connections from the Spotlight Connection Manager (Oracle Connection Details, Oracle RAC Connection Details).


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