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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Spotlight on MySQL Drilldowns

Spotlight on MySQL Drilldowns

Once a problem is isolated you can display a drilldown page with charts and tables that provide a detailed breakdown of the underlying statistics.

Drilldown Click to open Keyboard Shortcut Drilldown Pages Description
Top Sessions CTRL+S Top Sessions Page

The pages in the Top Sessions drilldown display information about the users connected to the MySQL database.

Activity CTRL+Y Summary Page | Mutex Page | Sorts Page | Query Cache Page | Configuration Page | Statistics PageInnoDB Status Page | Error Log PageGeneral Log Page | Slow Query Log Page The pages in the Activity drilldown display details of the activity on the MySQL database.
Operating System CTRL+O OS Performance Page | OS Processes Page The pages in the Operating System drilldown display information related to the performance of, and processes on, the operating system where the MySQL server is running.
Alarm Log CTRL+L

Alarm log | Alarms by Time | Spotlight Today

The Alarm Log drilldown displays information on the alarms associated with the MySQL database.

Note: The Alarm Log drilldown is common to all Spotlight applications. The alarms are specific to the current Spotlight connection. Spotlight on MySQL Alarms


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