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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Segments Page

Note: Available for Oracle 10g and later.

The Segments page displays information on database segments associated with specified waiting events.

The Segments page contains a single table, Segments related to the event, which shows segment details for the specified event. You can use these details to spot performance problems associated with individual segments, and so identify hot tables or indexes.

To open the Segments page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Activity | Waiting Events Page | Segments.

Grid: Segments related to the event

This table contains data only when a wait category (and, optionally, a wait event) is selected in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Column Description

Segment Name

The segment related to the event.


The total number of waits associated with the segment.

Waits Percentage

The percentage of time spent waiting that was associated with the segment.


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