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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Processes Page

The Processes page lists the processes currently running on the Unix system.

Note: The Processes page shows the output from the Unix ps command.

To open the Processes page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Unix connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Processes | Processes.

For each process, you can view the information that follows:


  • Some columns in the table are hidden by default. To view hidden columns, right-click a column heading and choose Organize Columns... from the shortcut menu.
  • Refer to man ps(1) for further details on the values shown in the Processes grid.
  • When the table is displayed as a flat grid (not a tree), right click any value in the table and select Show processes where... or Hide processes where... to filter the table by that value.
Column Description

The name of the process.


  • Click on a process to display more information on that process. Process Details Page
  • Right click on the process and select Kill Process (if enabled) to end any processes currently running on the Unix machine.
  • Some of the processes may be running other, secondary, processes. Right click the grid and select Show as Tree to display the secondary processes as branches of the initial process.

Nice The Nice value describes the relative priority of the specified process. A process with a low Nice value is running at a higher priority than a process with a high Nice value.
PID The process identifier for the specified process.
PPID The process identifier for the process that is the parent of the specified process.
% CPU The percentage of CPU time used by the process in the last sample interval.

The state of the process. Process states are platform dependent.

Platform Value Description
AIX A Active
W Swapped
I Idle
HP-UX W Waiting
I Intermediate
X Growing
Linux D Uninterruptible Sleep
W Has no resident pages
< High priority process
N Low priority tasks
L Has pages locked into memory
Solaris O Process is running on a processor
S Sleeping. That is, the process is waiting for an event to complete.
R Runnable. That is, the process is on the run queue.
Z Zombie state. That is, the process has been terminated and the parent process is no longer waiting.
T The process has been stopped by a job control signal, or because it is being traced.
Terminal The Unix terminal session where a user started the specified process. If the process was not started by an interactive user, the Terminal value is set to "?".
User The name of the user to whom the process belongs.
Time The amount of CPU time the process has consumed.
Virt Mem (MB) The amount of virtual memory in use by the process, measured in megabytes.


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