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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Primary Storage Panel


The Primary Storage panel shows data storage on the Primary database as it effects the Oracle Data Guard environment.

Redo Logs

Redo Logs

The cylinder measures the proportion of Redo Logs waiting to be archived.

The cylinder is divided into the number of groups. In the illustration a third of the cylinder is filled in, there are three groups and one log file is waiting to be archived.


The number of Oracle Redo Log groups configured on the Primary.

For the Archiver, a greater number of groups of smaller size leads to more frequent transfer of data to the Archive Log ready for the Standby. A greater number of groups reduces the risk of a bottleneck at the Redo Log Writer from the Redo Logs.


The size of the Redo Log files as configured on the Primary.

All Redo Log files are the same size. The size of the Redo Log file is not indicative of how much data it stores. Usually a Redo Log file fills to the configured size before switching to another log file but can switch earlier if forced. For example, shutting down the Primary forces a Log Switch.

Archive Log

Archive Log

How many Archive Logs are waiting to be transferred to the Standby? Ideally this should be zero or a low number. The filling of this cylinder indicates a bottleneck.

In the case of a bottleneck refer to the value of Outstanding to determine how many logs are outstanding. Too many archive logs waiting to be transferred raises the Outstanding Logs To Ship Alarm.

The portion of cylinder filled in is a proportion of the number of Archive Logs waiting to be transferred against the number of Redo Log groups. In the illustration there are three groups. If one Archive Log was outstanding the cylinder would be a third full, two Logs outstanding two thirds full, three or more Logs outstanding the cylinder would be full.

Outstanding The number of Archive Logs waiting to be transferred to the Standby.
Outstanding Size

The size of Archive Logs waiting to be transferred to the Standby.

Note: Archive Log size is a measure of the quantity of data stored. This is distinct from Redo Log size which is pre-configured.

Data flows

Physical writes to the Redo Logs The rate at which LGWR processes write entries to the Redo Logs.
Archive Logs to the Archiver

The rate at which Archive Logs are copied to the Remote File Server through the Archiver averaged over 5 minutes.

Note: A number of alarms are associated with Redo Logs and Archive Log on Spotlight on Oracle. Those alarms are raised when applicable on the Spotlight on Oracle home page. They are not raised on the Spotlight on Oracle Data Guard home page.


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