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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Predictions General Configuration

Use the Predictions General Configuration options to set analysis options for Predictive Diagnostics.

To set the Predictions General Configuration options

  1. Click View | Options
  2. Click Predictive Diagnostics | Predictions General Configuration
  3. Configure the following options:

    Option Description
    Prediction confidence

    Prediction confidence is a measure of Spotlight's reliability when estimating the future performance of the database and its use of resources.

    Within Predictive Diagnostics, you can set the Default Confidence parameter (default value 95%) to specify how closely Spotlight's prediction will match the raw data already collected. Prediction Interval

    Note: Setting the parameter too low will make the prediction more precise but less accurate; setting it too high may make the prediction less precise but more accurate.

    Prediction Diagnostics Performance

    The speed with which Predictive Diagnostics analyses the raw data depends on the resources allocated to its calculations.

    Use the Predictive Diagnostics threading model option to choose one of these settings:

    Setting Description
    Multi Threaded Use multiple threads (program execution units) on the Spotlight client machine to analyze raw data. (This is faster than using one thread, but consumes more resources.)
    Single Threaded Use one thread only on the Spotlight client to analyze raw data.


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