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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Parameters and Hints

Oracle parameters that govern the behavior of the result cache are:


Valid values are:

  • MANUAL — If the query to be executed contains the result_cache hint, and if its result set is NOT in the result cache, the query is executed and the result set is stored. If the result set IS in the result cache, it is re-used.
  • FORCE — The result sets for ALL executed queries are stored in cache where possible, except for queries that contain the no_result_cache hint or are not eligible for caching — queries that use SYS tables, for example.

    (Avoid using this setting if you can. When EVERY query is cached, there probably will be contention on the Result Cache latch. Result Cache Latch Sleep Ratio Alarm)



The maximum percentage of memory in the result cache that can be used by any result set, and ensures that new result sets are small enough so that they do not force most existing cache entries out of the cache.

Valid values can be any number between 1 and 100. The default value is usually 5.



The maximum size (measured in bytes) allocated to the Result Cache. If this is initially set to 0, the result cache is disabled.



An Oracle parameter that specifies how long a query from a remote database should be retained in the result cache.

Note: You can view the values of these parameters for the database under investigation in the Configuration & Memory | Oracle Parameters Page.


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