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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Oracle User Wizard

Spotlight on Oracle connects to the Oracle database system through the Spotlight user.

Use the Oracle User Wizard to:

  • Add a new user to the Oracle database
  • Convert the account of an existing user on the Oracle database to use Spotlight
  • Reconfigure an existing Spotlight user to work with new versions of Spotlight on Oracle and Spotlight on Oracle RAC. Use this procedure if you have upgraded your version of Spotlight.

To open the Oracle User Wizard

The Oracle User Wizard runs automatically when required or to initiate it:

Click File | Oracle User Wizard.


  • Select Don't show this page in future to hide the first page of the Oracle User Wizard.
  • Spotlight users must be configured for each database they are to diagnose.
  • You cannot configure Spotlight users for a database while Spotlight is diagnosing that database.
  • You must have the user ID and password of the DBA that manages the database to which you are adding the Spotlight user.
  • You should not use any system accounts. We recommend creating a separate user for Spotlight or using a personal account.
  • The Spotlight user must have sufficient privileges, views, and tables to diagnose the Oracle database. You can view the privileges, views and tables required by Spotlight users in the Database Objects and Privileges document in the Spotlight installation folder: \Console\Help\.


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