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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Oracle RAC Connection Details

Field Description
Connection name

This is the display name for the connection in Spotlight.

Tip: Fill in the Connection String first.

Oracle Connection Details

Field Description
Connection String

Select the name (the SQL*Net alias) of the Oracle RAC instance that you wish to connect to.


  • The database name is defined within SQL*Net configuration utilities.
  • While this can be the name of any instance in the Oracle RAC cluster, we recommend using the name of the load-balanced instance – the instance whose TNSNAMES entry includes the option (LOAD_BALANCE = yes)
  • When selected, the Connection name field resets to this value. You can then edit the Connection name field if required.
Oracle Username

Enter the Spotlight user name.

Note: (Oracle 12c) As per Oracle guidelines, the Spotlight Oracle user needs to be of the form “c##<username>” when connecting to an Oracle 12c Container database.

Oracle Password Enter the Spotlight password.
Oracle Home

Select an appropriate Oracle Home – a location where Oracle client software is installed.


  • Choose a home that contains a version of the Oracle client that is compatible with the Oracle RAC server.
  • You CANNOT change this value while an active Spotlight connection is already using an Oracle Home.
  • When you specify an Oracle Home for a particular Spotlight connection, the connection-based Oracle Home overrides any default values.
  • The first active Spotlight connection in a session forces all subsequent connections to use its specified Oracle Home.

ASM connection details 

ASM is built into the Oracle database kernel. It simplifies the creation and space management in Oracle databases.

Note: Available for Oracle 10g and later.

Field Description
Monitor ASM Select to monitor the performance of Oracle's Automated Storage Management (ASM) technology.
ASM Connection String

Enter the connection string required to link to the ASM database instance that is used for storage management by this Oracle database.

Note: The TNSNAMES entry for the ASM instance must include the option (UR = A) for the Spotlight connection to work properly.

ASM Password

Enter the password to login to the ASM database instance.

Note: There is no ASM Username field. The ASM Password is to the ASM user name of SYS. SYS is the only username that can provide access to ASM-specific information.

The user that Spotlight uses to login to the ASM database is SYS. This is the only user name that can provide access to ASM-specific information.

Providing SYS access to an ASM instance does NOT create a security issue for the Oracle RAC, but you should limit access to the SYS account to trusted individuals.

Because the SYS password is stored in encrypted format, non-privileged users can still access Spotlight on Oracle RAC. To do so:

  • Use a pre-configured or shared Spotlight on Oracle connection, OR
  • Use a Spotlight connection without ASM access. Spotlight will display Oracle-related data, but the ASM drilldown will contain no data.

Server connection details 

Field Description
Monitor OS

Select to monitor the operating system on the database server.

Note: Clear this option if the database is running on an operating system NOT supported by Spotlight on Oracle RAC. If you leave this option selected and Spotlight is unable to collect statistics from the server operating system, you may experience errors.

OS Server

Enter the name of the server.

Tip: Use a period “.” to monitor the local database.

OS Type

Select the type of operating system.

  • Windows
  • Unix(REXEC)
  • Unix(SSH)
  • Unix(SSH using Public/Private Keys)

If you select one of the Unix systems, make sure the SSH or REXEC daemon is running on the database server and is configured to receive remote connections.

Note: Spotlight supports both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols; public-key encryption is supported under SSH2 only.

SSH Port

Enter the port number for SSH (secure shell) connection to the database servercluster. The default value is 22.

Note: Applicable when OS Type is Unix (SSH) or Unix (SSH using Public/Private Keys).

OS Username

Type the user name to login to the database servercluster.


  • Spotlight will connect successfully to all nodes in the cluster only if every node employs the SAME username and password.
  • If the username — and password if required — are not completed, you will not be able to view the operating system performance statistics for the database servercluster.
  • When OS Type is Windows:
    • Not required if your login details have been assigned remote access to the registry of the nodes in the database servercluster.
    • If your login details have NOT been set up on the database .servercluster, you must enter a username and password that has access to the registry of each node.

SSH Key Type

Choose the type of key to use when making the Spotlight connection: RSA or DSA.

Note: Applicable when OS Type is Unix (SSH using Public/Private Keys).

SSH Private Key Filename

Locate the filename that contains the private key for the Spotlight connection.

Hint: Use the "..." button.

Note: Applicable when OS Type is Unix (SSH using Public/Private Keys).

SSH Passphrase

Type the passphrase used to decrypt the private key.

Note: Applicable when OS Type is Unix (SSH using Public/Private Keys).

OS Password

Type the user password to login to the database servercluster (if required).

Note: Not applicable when OS Type is Unix (SSH using Public/Private Keys).

Spotlight Essentials

Field Description
Monitor on Mobile Device Select to monitor this spotlight connection on your mobile device and upload data from this connection to Spotlight Essentials. Spotlight on your favorite mobile device

Select Launch Spotlight on Oracle to open a Spotlight on Oracle connection to the database when you open the Spotlight on Oracle RAC connection.

Select Display Connection Details Verification Dialog to display the Connection Details Verification dialog when you connect to a specified Oracle RAC cluster. The dialog allows you to specify and test connections to ALL instances in the cluster. Verify Cluster Connection Details Dialog

Select Save password details to save all the password details that have been entered.

Note: On closing this dialog:


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