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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Metrics Dialog

View the alarms defined for a Spotlight connection or component of the Spotlight home page.

Note: These are not the alarms raised for a connection / component. To see the alarms raised for a connection open the Alarm log.

To open the Metrics dialog

View all metrics for the connection View all metrics for the Spotlight home page component

Open the Spotlight home page for the connection.

Select View |Show All Alarms…

Right click the component on the Spotlight home page and select Metrics…

About the Metrics dialog

Option Description
List of metrics

All metrics associated with the component / connection are listed.

Data is collected for selected metrics. Clear the selection to stop collecting data for the metric.

Highlight the metric to display its details in the Metric page.

You can sort the list.

  • Click the header to sort the metrics in ascending or descending name order.
  • Click the severity icon in the header to sort the metrics according to severity .
Metric Name This is the metric highlighted in the list of metrics.

Set Averaging for the highlighted metric.

  • Use default - Every value used to calculate a metric's alarm status is obtained by averaging the metric over a period of time specified in Spotlights Options.
  • Don't average this metric - Use the raw metric data retrieved from the current system — anomalies and spikes included.
  • Use custom averaging - Use a moving average, as in the Use default... case, but not the default setting. Set the time period by using the Average over... slider.
  • Average over... - Use the mouse or arrow keys to move the slider and so choose the time period used to generate the moving average. The longer the time period, the fewer the peaks and troughs. Spikes and other anomalies are smoothed.

    Tip: Do not to use too long a time to calculate the moving average. This may prevent the reporting of valid alarms. The maximum time period that Spotlight uses for averaging is five minutes.

Averaging - is a technique that Spotlight uses to smooth out the anomalies and spikes that may appear momentarily in the metric values for a component. The purpose of averaging is to prevent Spotlight from reporting alarms for such spikes if they do not persist.


  • Averaging is used ONLY to prevent the generation of spurious alarms. It does NOT affect the charts or tables that display metric values; these continue to display metrics as they are reported.
  • This is not the place to set averaging for all metrics for the connection. Alarm smoothing


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