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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Live connections

Show the connections currently monitored by Spotlight.

Use the Spotlight Connection Manager to add connections. Use All connections to list connections defined in Spotlight.



Select / Click the connection

The Spotlight menus and toolbar adjust to the selected connection. The last viewed page for this connection opens.

Note: The name of the connection takes on the color of the most urgent severity now active for the connection. Spotlight Alarms

Right click | view

Sort the list of live connections:

  • Sort by Name - Sort alphabetically.
  • Sort by Severity - Sort according to the severity of alarms currently raised for each connection.
Right click | Disconnect

Stop monitoring this connection.

Alternatively, click .

Right click | Browse History Open the History browser for the connection. View snapshots of the system as it operated in the past. History Browser
Right click | View Alarm Log View the Alarm log for the connection. Alarm log
Right click | View Alarms by Time View Alarms by Time for the connection. Alarms by Time
Right click | Properties

View properties for the connection.

Note: Most fields cannot be modified while the connection is open.

Note: The color of the Spotlight browser Show / Hide button reflects the highest current severity raised by connections in Live connections.


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