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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

I/O Segment Details

View more detailed information on the segment selected in the Segment Page.

To open I/O Segment Details

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click I/O | Segment Page.

  3. Select a row from the Segments Grid.

Sessions Using Segment Grid

This grid shows the sessions that are now using the segment selected in the Segment Page.


  • The grid shows data only if:
    • The Oracle statistics_level parameter is set to ALL. I/O Segment Details - Prerequisite Steps
    • There is a session currently executing a query on the selected segment. The grid will be empty once the query completes, and will not be re-populated until another query begins on the selected object.
  • Oracle reports Cost-Based Optimizer queries only in related views such as v$sql_plan_statistics_all, v$segment_statistics, and so on.
Column Description


The session ID.

User name

The user name of the session.


The execution step in the plan of the SQL.


How the session is using the segment. It consists of the concatenation of the SQL operation and its options.


The cost of the SQL operation in CPU usage.


The cost of the operation in I/O usage.


The number of physical reads performed by the operation.

SQL address

The address of the SQL statement.

SQL hash

The hash value of the SQL statement.

SQL text

The source text for the SQL statement.

SQL that used segment Grid

The SQL That Used Segment contains the text of the SQL queries in the Shared Pool that have used the segment selected in the Segment Page.


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