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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Ignore (Snooze) Alarms

You may choose to snooze an alarm when:

  • A temporary situation causes an expected alarm whose existence is unimportant.
  • There is a known problem (a network problem, for example) that is beyond your control; and a continuing reminder of the problem is neither necessary nor desirable.

About Snoozed Alarms

  • Alarms that are snoozed still contribute to the Alarm Log.
  • Alarms that are snoozed still trigger historical snapshots, and are shown in the History Browser.
  • Alarms that are snoozed do not fire Alarm Log rules or take any associated actions.
  • An entry is written to the Alarm Log when a snoozed alarm is "unsnoozed".


Alarms are snoozed from the Spotlight home page.

Requirement Procedure
To snooze an alarm
  1. Right click the home page component with the raised alarm and select Snooze alarm.
  2. Select the period of time: from five minutes to the duration of the Spotlight session.

The snooze icon is added to the home page component and alarm log entry.

Note: During the snoozed period, alarms on ALL metrics for this home page component are ignored.

To restore snoozed alarms

Right-click the snoozed home page component and select Snooze alarm.

The snooze icon is removed from the home page component and alarm log entry.

To show only snoozed alarms

Use the Alarm Log Filter dialog. Custom Filter Rules - Alarm Log Filter Dialog

This filter will recognize only components whose alarm status has changed during the snooze period. Other snoozed alarms will not be recognized. For example, if an alarm on the snoozed component was raised before the snooze period, and if that alarm status does not change during the snooze period, the alarm will not appear in the filtered Alarm Log.


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