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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

History Browser

An important feature within Spotlight is the ability to display, collect and replay the behavior of a Spotlight connection at a specified point in time such as when an important alarm was raised.

The details shown via the History browser are identical in format to those displayed by Spotlight in its "live" state, so you can view historical data in the same way as you would view a live connection.

To view historical snapshots for a Spotlight connection

  1. Right click the connection in the Spotlight Browser Live connections or All connections.
  2. Select Browse History.

Select an event in the snapshot list.

The Spotlight browser displays a tree of alarms and snapshots in chronological order, together with some basic navigation controls.



Click Last week, Today etc.

Spotlight maintains a list of snapshots that have been raised for each day in the specified historical period. Click a day to have Spotlight display a list of all snapshots that were recorded for that day.

Click a snapshot or alarm

View the status of the connection at the time of the snapshot or alarm.

Right click | Live view Return the view of this connection to the present time. Live connections
Right click | History Interval Define the interval between snapshots displayed in the History browser. From the drop-down list, choose the frequency with which you want to display a snapshot.

History browser toolbar



Previous alarm. Show the snapshot corresponding to the alarm before the one currently displayed.

Previous snapshot. Show the snapshot immediately before the one currently displayed.

Play (plus Playback speed). Activate playback mode. This automatically steps through the snapshots in sequence.

Note: Click the down arrow to select a playback speed. Select Custom to define a playback speed.

Next snapshot. Show the snapshot immediately after the one currently displayed.

Next alarm. Show the snapshot corresponding to the next alarm after the one currently displayed.

Select date/time. Click to nominate the date and time to display. Spotlight will find the snapshot closest to this time to display.


  • While you are viewing historical data the connection identifier at the top right of the window indicates the date and time of the snapshot. On the Spotlight home page the console status bar indicates "History Browser".
  • An easy way to view the history for a particular alarm is through the Alarm Log. Right-click the alarm and select Show Selected Entry In | History Browser. Alarm log
  • To view the recent history of a Spotlight home page component, right click the component and select Show History. Spotlight Home Page Components
  • Configure the locations for, and space assigned to, Spotlight history: Clear history, History limits, History location.


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