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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Errors Page

The Errors page displays information about errors reported during the parsing or execution of the selected SQL statement.

To open the Errors page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click SQL & Application Workload | Analyze Trace | Trace Files.

  3. Select a Trace File.
  4. If the trace file has not been analyzed yet, right-click its row in the Trace File Details table and select Analyze Trace File. Analyze Trace Settings Dialog
  5. Click SQL Statements Page and select a SQL statement.
  6. Click SQL Statement Details Page | Errors.

Errors Grid

Column Description

Error Code

Each row in the table represents an error that has been reported during the parsing or execution of the SQL statement.

Error Message

The text of the error message that has been reported.

No of Occurrences

The number of times the error has occurred.


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