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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Database Objects and Privileges

Privileges / Grants Created





Other Privileges

create procedure

create table

create view

create any directory

Additional for Oracle 11 and above

create job

Additional for Oracle 10 and above

execute on utl_file

execute on dbms_job

execute on dbms_lob

alter system *

select any table *

create database link

read on directory

create synonym

drop synonym

create type

create session

create sequence

alter session

* There are checkboxes in the Spotlight Oracle User Wizard for the user to decide whether these privileges will be granted to the Spotlight user. These privileges are used for killing sessions, executing explain plans and modifying Oracle parameters.


Object Privileges

For all Oracle versions:

select on obj$

select on col$

select on ts$

select on fet$

select on uet$

select on file$

select on user$

select on seg$

select on undo$

select on dba_extents

select on dba_free_space

select on dba_indexes

select on dba_ind_columns

select on dba_tab_columns

select on dba_tab_privs

select on dba_jobs

select on dba_data_files

select on dba_objects

select on dba_jobs_running

select on dba_tables

select on dba_temp_files

select any dictionary or select_catalog_role

execute on dbms_job

execute on dbms_lob

execute on utl_file

execute on dbms_result_cache

select on dba_users

select on dba_hist_active_sess_history

Additional for Oracle 11g Release 2 and above

execute on dbms_monitor

Additional for Oracle 11g Release 1 and earlier

execute on dbms_system

Note: The user must be assigned a quota to the default tablespace, so they can create objects.

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