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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Copy To Clipboard

To copy the chart or grid to the clipboard

  1. Copy:

    Toolbar Menu Shortcut
    Click Right click the chart or grid data and

    select Copy to Clipboard.

  2. Paste from the clipboard to the desired destination – as an image within an image editor, or as text within a text editor.


  • In Spotlight grids you can choose to copy the whole table, the selected row, column or cell.
  • Some applications allow you to use Paste Special to choose the format to use to paste the chart into a document.
  • When you copy and paste the details of a zoomed chart to an image file, the image contains only the visible portion of the chart. When you paste the details to a text file, the pasted text includes the details of the entire chart, not only of the visible section.


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