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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Connection ProblemsSpotlight on Oracle

Connection Problems Spotlight on Oracle

Cannot Connect to Database

Possible cause… Solution…
Oracle is not running.

Verify that the Oracle instance is running and can be accessed from a host or client workstation.

The connect string and alias of the database are incorrect or have changed.

Check your SQL* Net configuration and verify the connect string and alias you are using are correct.

The user ID you are using to log into Spotlight does not exist in the database.

Run the User Wizard to establish the user ID in the database.

The Spotlight user has the wrong permissions in the database. Contact your DBA to add relevant permissions to the user.
Spotlight takes too long to open the Oracle connection so it appears to be unable to connect.

Turn on Fast Initialize.

More information on Fast Initialize is available in the online help.

  1. Click View | Options.
  2. Select Data Collection | Oracle Initialization | Turn Fast Initialize on.
  3. Restart Spotlight.

Cannot Connect to ASM

When installed and available, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) stores Oracle data in a separate ASM database instance. Spotlight on Oracle displays performance metrics for ASM on the home page and in the ASM drilldown.

If the database under investigation uses ASM but Spotlight cannot connect to it to retrieve the required information, you may need to edit the TNSNAMES entry for the ASM instance.

  1. Locate the tnsnames.ora file in Oracle’s network/admin sub-folder of the Oracle installation folder on your Spotlight client.
  2. Edit tnsnames.ora so that the TNSNAMES entry for the target ASM instance contains the option (UR = A).


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