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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Connect to an Oracle Database

  1. From the Spotlight Browser select All connectionsAll connections | Spotlight on Oracle
  2. Select the database.


  • Click Set timed statistics now if you are prompted to do so. You see this prompt when for the Spotlight user the timed_statistics parameter is set to false in the init.ora file. Spotlight requires this parameter be true for the Spotlight user to accurately monitor the database. Clicking Set timed statistics now corrects the problem only if the Spotlight user has Alter System privileges. Ensure the Spotlight user has sufficient privileges. Oracle User Wizard
  • If Spotlight takes too long to open the Oracle connection then Fast Initialize could be on. Oracle Initialization

Add an Oracle database to the list of connections


  • Create a Spotlight user with sufficient privileges to diagnose the Oracle database. Oracle User Wizard
  • Ensure the UNIX or Windows server on which the Oracle database is installed is accessible to Spotlight.


  1. Click File | Connect to open the Spotlight Connection Manager

  2. Select Spotlight on Oracle on the Connections menu.

  3. Double-click Add new connection.

  4. Fill in the connection Properties | Details page. Oracle Connection Details


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