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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Component Properties - Overhead Page

Spotlight components are visual objects on the Spotlight home page and in Spotlight drilldowns that correspond to important features of the system to which Spotlight is connected. You can set the options that affect the behavior and display of Spotlight components.

Note: You can set overhead properties for the Spotlight connection as a whole. Connection Properties - Overhead Page

To set the overheads for a Spotlight component

  1. Right click the component and select Properties | Overhead
  2. Select from the Refresh setting list how often Spotlight will collect data for the category of which this Spotlight component is a member.

Refresh setting


Refresh at the default rate

Spotlight data is refreshed as per the definition in Spotlight Options. Data Refresh Rates

Note: In most cases (but not all) this will be at the foreground rate when the component is visible and the background rate when the component is not visible.

Always refresh at the foreground rate

Always refresh at the foreground rate, whether the data is displayed or not.

Refresh only while data is displayed on the screen

Refresh data at the foreground rate when it is visible in the Spotlight window.

Do not refresh data in this category

The data is never collected. Spotlight displays one of the following icons on components that display this category of data:

Data for this control is not available. (There are no alarms associated with this control.)

Data for this control is not available. (Alarms associated with the control are disabled.)


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