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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Chart configuration

Spotlight makes extensive use of charts (historical and otherwise) in its drilldown windows. You can set a number of display options for these charts.

To set the appearance of charts

  1. Select View | Options.
  2. Select Appearance | Chart configuration.
  3. Configure as appropriate.

    Option Description

    Chart line style

    Click the box, and from the list choose a line style that can be used to display charts. The sample chart above the control demonstrates how charts will appear under the chosen line style.

    Show data tool tips when hovering over charts

    Select this option to display tool tips when you hover the mouse pointer over an item in a Spotlight chart.

    Show data from previous sessions

    Select this option to display data from previous connections to this system (if available).

    This affects only the display of data from previous sessions. It does not affect the collection of data.

    Amount of history to display in charts

    This affects the time scale in all Spotlight charts, including those displayed when you select Show History from the shortcut menu invoked when you right click a Spotlight home page component. Spotlight Home Page Components


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