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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Analyze Trace Settings Dialog

To open the Analyze Trace Settings Dialog

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click SQL & Application Workload | Analyze Trace | Trace Files.

  3. Right click a row on the Trace File Details grid and select Analyze Trace File.

To fill in the Analyze Trace Settings Dialog

Option Description
Process Wait Events Select to analyze the behavior of wait events that appear in this trace file.
Process Bind Variables Select to analyze the execution of bind variables that appear in this trace file.
PGA Limit (in MB)

This is the amount of Program Global Area memory that can be allocated to analyzing trace files.

If left blank the value defaults to the current value of PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET.

Comment Enter the comments (if any) that you want to add when you analyze this trace file.
Analysis Methods Select whether to analyze the trace file immediately, or whether to schedule the analysis for a later time (as per Oracle scheduling).


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