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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Aggregated Alarms

Every Oracle instance in an Oracle RAC cluster can have its own performance issues, but problems in a single instance do not always affect the operation of the cluster as a whole. In such cases, Spotlight can display an alarm in the relevant instance panel (Instance Panels) without reporting a specific Spotlight on Oracle RAC alarm.

However, if a problem in a single instance DOES affect the operation of the whole cluster – or is repeated in multiple instances so that the combined effect is significant – Spotlight can report the problem as an aggregated alarm.

These alarms are displayed on the Spotlight on Oracle RAC home page – usually in the Interconnect and Global Status Panel or IO Subsystem Panel.

Aggregated alarms within Spotlight on Oracle RAC are the same as the corresponding alarms in Spotlight on Oracle. Details on the problems that cause these alarms can be viewed:

  • Within Spotlight on Oracle RAC, by clicking the component that displays the alarm, viewing the help provided, and opening the drilldown that Spotlight suggests.
  • Within Spotlight on Oracle, by clicking the relevant Spotlight on Oracle RAC instance panel, viewing the help provided, and opening Spotlight on Oracle for the corresponding Oracle connection.


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