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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Additional SQL Filtering Criteria

When you use Predictive Diagnostics to estimate the future performance of a database, you may want to consider factors other than the metric used in the analysis. Use this page in the SQL Statement Trend Analysis Wizard to to specify some of those other factors.

Setting Description

SQL statement contains

Enter a string of text that can be used to restrict the data collection further via the content of each SQL statement.

Tip: Enter a table name or SQL keyword.

Do not analyze data before

Do NOT use the data collected before the specified date.

You may want to exclude old data if that data is no longer relevant to the current connection.

Predict forward to

Specify how far you want to look into the future.

Note: The further into the future, the less accurate the prediction. The accuracy of the prediction is dependent on the time spanned by the raw data and the assumption that the pattern of usage and system configuration will not change over the period.

Note: The wizard opens from the SQL Performance page.


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