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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

Active Session History Page

Note: Available for Oracle 10g and later.

Active Session History provides detailed historical information on user sessions that:

  • Are connected to the Oracle Instance.
  • Have waited for an event in the past.
  • Are not classified as Idle.

To open the Active Session History page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Activity | Waiting Events Page | Active Session History.

Note: This page is initially disabled. Licensed users of the Oracle Diagnostic Pack can enable this page, and the related Active Workload History page, to view historical information on user sessions.

Find out more about the Oracle Diagnostic Pack from the Oracle Database Help Center | Licensing Information book | Options and Packs.

To enable these drilldowns:

  1. Close Spotlight.
  2. Open the text file DataBasesLicensedForDiagnosticsPack.txt in the Plugins\COP sub-folder of the Spotlight installation folder.
  3. To activate the Active Session History and Active Workload History pages for Spotlight on Oracle, remove the comment indicator before the line MyDatabase.SoO.
  4. To activate the Active Session History and Active Workload History pages for Spotlight on Oracle RAC, remove the comment indicator before the line MyCluster.SoRAC.
  5. Save the edited text file.
  6. Restart Spotlight.

Grid: Who has waited on the event in the past

This table shows the details for any active user session that has waited.

This table contains data only when a wait category (and, optionally, a wait event) is selected in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Column Description

User Name

User name for a session.


The name of the operating system program that the session was running during the time waited.


The name of the module being executed during the time waited.


The name of the action being executed during the time waited.

Object Name

The object that the session was referencing during the time waited.

Time waited (ms)

The total amount of time the session has waited, measured in milliseconds.

Waits PCT

The percentage of wait time that the session spent waiting for the event.


The total number of waits for the session.

SQL Text

The SQL statement that the session was executing at the time of the wait.

Note: When the SQL Text column is empty, the SQL statement for the session is no longer in cache. Possible causes for this may include:

  • The SQL statement is run infrequently.
  • The SQL statement does not use bind variables.
  • The size of the buffer cache is too small.

Note: Not all columns are visible by default. Use the Column Organizer to view hidden columns. Show, Hide & Order Columns


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