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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Release Notes

About Spotlight Grids

A table or grid shows values in tabular form. The grid component is used in Spotlight alarms and drilldowns.

Actions common to Spotlight grids


  • Not all items are available with all grids.
  • If not all the grid can be seen all at the one time then scroll bars allow you to choose the visible portion.
Click Description
Find Text
Alarms: Alarm Filters.
Tree View
Select Multiple Rows
Select Multiple Rows
Save To File
Copy To Clipboard
Show, Hide & Order Columns
  Sort the Grid
Right click the table body and select What's This? View help specific to the gird.
Right click the table body and select Restore Default Settings Restore Default Settings
Right click the table body and select View as Chart. View the data in a Spotlight chart. About Spotlight Charts
Right click the table body and select Properties. Freeze the first column or word-wrap text. Grid Properties - Options Page
If the diagnostic server is unable to collect the data required, Spotlight displays a small icon on the affected component. Click the icon to see more information about the problem.
  Pause / Resume / Refresh


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