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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Disk Summary Page

The Disk Summary page provides summary information about the physical disks on the current system.

To open the Disk Summary page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Windows connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Disks | Disk Summary.

For each physical disk detected, disk summary information is displayed in the columns of a single table (grid).

Column Description
Disk Each physical disk in the system is listed in the grid in the order it has been discovered. The first disk is numbered 0 (zero).
Description A description of each disk discovered. This displays RAID details where applicable.
Type The type of hard disk discovered (for example, IDE).
Total GB The total size of the disk in gigabytes.
Device type More detailed information about the type and configuration of the disk.
Hardware vendor The vendor code associate with each hard disk.
Partitions The number of partitions discovered on each disk.

To open the Logical Disks sub page

To provide equivalent details about the logical disks associated with each physical disk:

Click on the entry for the physical disk on the Disk Summary page.

At any one time, the Logical Disks grid displays information only on the logical disks associated with the physical disk currently highlighted in the Disks grid.

Column Description
Drive The name of the logical disks associated with the physical disk specified in the Disk Summary page.
Label The label assigned to the logical disk (if any).
File System The file system used on the logical disk (for example, NTFS).
Total MB The total amount of space on the logical disk, measured in megabytes.
Free MB The total amount of free space on the logical disk, measured in megabytes.
Compressed True or False. Whether the information on the logical disk is maintained in compressed format.


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