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Space Manager with LiveReorg 8.3 - Installation Guide

Manually Uninstall on UNIX or Linux

Use the following procedure to manually uninstall QSA from Oracle databases on UNIX and Linux servers.

To manually uninstall QSA from UNIX or Linux

  1. From your database server, log in to UNIX or Linux under the operating-system account that installed QSA.
  2. Use the following command to change to the agent install directory for the target database (the command displays the default install directory):

    # cd /$ORACLE_HOME/Quest/QSA/$ORACLE_SID/inst

  3. Use the following command and cases to run the manual uninstall script:

    # ./

  4. At the ORACLE_SID prompt, enter the SID for the target database.
  5. At the ORACLE_HOME prompt, press Enter to accept the path to the Oracle home directory for the target database. This is entered automatically after you enter the SID.
  6. At the Oracle login name prompt, enter the user name of the DBA that installed the agent.
  7. At the Oracle password prompt, enter the password of the DBA.
  8. In the Ready to Uninstall window, enter Y at the Proceed prompt to remove the agent.
  9. If you did not uninstall the agent as root, log in to UNIX or Linux as root and use the following command to run the ROOT_UNINSTALL.SH script ($ORACLE_SID is the SID for the target database):

    # /tmp/ $ORACLE_SID

Manually Uninstall on Windows

If you installed QSA manually on a Windows server, you must also use the manual uninstall procedure to uninstall the agent.

To manually uninstall QSA from Windows

  1. Locate the uninstall batch file (uninstall.bat).

    Note: During the manual installation process, the uninstall files are copied to the Server Agent installation directory (\inst).

  2. Run uninstall.bat.


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