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Space Manager with LiveReorg 8.3 - Installation Guide

Install Space Manager Client


Install the Space Manager Client

Install Space Manager using the setup program that is available on the CD and from the Support Portal. See About Us for more information.

The setup program installs both Space Manager and Capacity Manager for Oracle. You can run Space Manager from Capacity Manager. For more information, see the Capacity Manager online help.

Note: Capacity Manager is not included in the 64-bit installer. A 64-bit version of Capacity Manager is not available at this time.

You can manage multiple databases from a single Space Manager client.

Note: When you perform a first-time installation, you are prompted to enter your Space Manager license key. This key is also used for Capacity Manager for Oracle, which does not require a separate key.

Upgrading Space Manager

Important Information about Script Compatibility

A script is compatible with the version of Space Manager that was used to generate the script. If after upgrading Space Manager you run a script generated in a previous version and then script execution fails with a QSA-20500 error, regenerate the script. See QSA Error Messages in the online Help for more information.

Configure DEP if Enabled

If installing on Windows 2003 or Windows XP where Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled, the Space Manager client will not run. You must first configure DEP.

To configure DEP

Use one of the following methods to configure DEP:

  • Select the following option in the Windows Control Panel: Turn on DEP for Essential Windows programs and services only.
  • Add the Space Manager executable to the list of excluded programs for DEP. To change settings for DEP, select Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance | Data Execution Prevention. Consult your system administrator before altering these settings.

Install or Upgrade the Space Manager Client

Beginning with release 8.3, Space Manager is available in a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.

Use the following procedure to install or upgrade the Space Manager client.

To install (or upgrade) the Space Manager client

  1. Run the Space Manager setup program (Installer). This is available from the CD or from the Quest Software Support Portal. Run either the 32-bit or the 64-bit Installer.
  2. From the Installer, select the products you want to install. Install Space Manager and Capacity Manager and any other products or updates.

    Note: Capacity Manager is not available in a 64-bit version and is not included in the 64-bit installer.

  3. When the installation is finished, do one of the following to launch Space Manager:
    • Select Start | All Programs | Quest | Space Manager version
    • On your desktop, double-click the Space Manager icon.
  4. If the Space Manager License dialog displays, enter your license key and site message.

  5. Space Manager starts. If necessary, create a new database connection. See Connect to Databases for more information.

Side-by-Side Installation

Space Manager 8.3 (or later) supports side-by-side installation of versions with different architecture (bitness) as long as they are also different releases (e.g., 8.2 and 8.3).

For example, you could install the following side-by-side:

  • 32-bit Space Manager 8.2 and 64-bit Space Manager 8.3

Licensing and Connections


License Key

After you first install the Space Manager client and try to connect to a database, you are prompted to enter a license key. Once you enter a permanent key, you do not need to enter it again. It is preserved during upgrades. You only need to change or re-enter a license key when:

  • Your trial key expires.
  • You switch from a trial key to a permanent key.
  • You change your licensing agreement with Quest Software.
  • You uninstall and then reinstall the Space Manager client.

To update a license key

  1. Select Tools | Admin | License Key.
  2. Enter your permanent or trial license key.
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