Use the script to clean out the variable-data directory to restore it to an initial state.

  • The script preserves the contents of the SharePlex internal tables.
    • To truncate the SharePlex tables, without cleaning out the variable-data directory, see cleanup.sql.
    • To clean out the variable-data directory and truncate the SharePlex tables, see the appropriate database_cleansp utility, where database is the type of database. This utility completely restore SharePlex to an initial state.

    Important! Contact Quest Technical Support before running for the first time. Unless a procedure in the SharePlex documentation requires running, this utility rarely is appropriate in a production environment. It deactivates the configuration, and using it improperly can result in replication problems and the need to resynchronize the data. Usually, there is another alternative.

    What this utility does

    The script removes the following:

    • the queue files in the rim sub-directory.
    • the log files in the log sub-directory. The Event log retains one entry reflecting the procedure.
    • the contents of the statusdb file in the data sub-directory.
    • the contents of the dump and state sub-directories.

    The script preserves user-created files such as configuration files, conflict-resolution files, hint files, the paramdb, and the oramsglist file.

    The script deactivates configurations. To start replication after running, you must activate a configuration.

    Supported databases

    Oracle on Unix and Linux

    Shell requirement

    To use this utility, the Korn (ksh) shell must be installed on the system. The utility calls this shell during processing.


    Run this script on Unix and Linux systems only.

    1. Shut down sp_cop.
    2. Set the SP_SYS_VARDIR environment variable to point to the SharePlex variable-data directory. If SP_SYS_VARDIR is not set, affects the directory listed in the proddir/data/default.yaml file, where the proddir is the bin sub-directory of the SharePlex product directory.

      ksh shell:

      export SP_SYS_VARDIR=/full_path_of_variable-data_directory

      csh shell:

      setenv SP_SYS_VARDIR=/full_path_of_variable-data_directory

    3. Run as a SharePlex Administrator. The script is in the bin sub-directory of the SharePlex product directory. Use the following syntax, where Oracle_version is one of the SharePlex-supported Oracle versions.

      proddir/bin/ Oracle_version

    When the script is finished running, you are returned to the command prompt.

    Note: If the script generates an error message stating that it cannot remove the save_SharePlex_version directory, you can remove that directory manually.